The more ViralNfection grows, the more stories I will be able to tell. In order to better organize the site, and to ensure that you consistently have quality posts to read, I am going to start having a lot more features, some will happen every week while others will be more sporadic. Have a suggestion for a recurring feature? Send an email to info@viralnfection.com with “New Feature Idea” as the subject title.

Recurring Features

Movie Mashup – This is a fun little game that we are going to start playing. Every Monday, I am going to post a short description of a film that doesn’t exist – it’s a mash up of two movies. However, the movie titles have to share part of their titles in order for this to work. For example, if we were to mashup “Peter Pan” and “Pan’s Labyrinth,” the description might be: A boy who never ages and the kids he has stolen away from their home in England come face to face with horrible monsters and fascists in Spain in the 40’s. The trick of this game, however, is that I won’t tell you what the title is. All I will do is post the description. The following Monday I will post the title – which in this case would be “Peter Pan’s Labyrinth.” Have any suggestions? Email me at info@viralnfection.com with “Movie Mashup Suggestion” as the subject title.

Ad of the Week – Every Monday, I will post a creative or interesting advertisement – it doesn’t matter if it is a viral marketing campaign, a magazine ad, or a TV commercial; if it is creative, I will post about it. Have you come across a creative advertisement that you think should be an “Ad of the Week?” Send an email to info@viralnfection.com with “Ad of the Week Submission” as the subject title.

Toon Tuesday – I have several friends who refuse to ‘waste their time’ watching animated movies. A lot of times, animated movies are written off as kid’s movies – so they can’t be a viable option for quality filmmaking. People, you could not be more wrong. You are missing out on some of the greatest movies ever made if you think like this. So that’s why this feature exists – every Tuesday I will post a review of an animated movie. If it gets a good rating, then you should go see it. And if it gets a bad one? Avoid it like you avoid most animated films.

DVD Chapters – I am all about movie trivia games (if you couldn’t tell), so here is another game. In order to make DVDs and Blu-Rays easier to navigate, filmmakers have broken up their movies into chapters, and have given each chapter a name (usually). So, every Tuesday I will post five chapter titles from a movie or TV show, and it is your job to guess which movie it is from. NOTE: The chapter titles will go from difficult to easy, so they may not necessarily be in the same order that they are on the movie.

Sound Bytes – Every Wednesday, I will post an audio clip from a film or TV show. It could be a line of dialogue, it could be part of a song lyric, or it could be part of an instrumental score. Your job is to guess what movie or TV show it is from. I will post the answer the following Wednesday, when the new Sound Byte is posted.

Trailer Thursday – This one is going to be the easiest recurring feature on ViralNfection – there isn’t really going to be much writing at all. Every Thursday I will post a new trailer that has just come out. And if an interesting one hasn’t come out that week, I will post a trailer for a movie that is already out. Have you gone back to watch trailers from movies in the 90s? Yikes. So this weekly feature should be a lot of fun.

Potent Quoteables – This game (played every Thursday) is similar to Sound Bytes, except instead listening to a clip and figuring out what movie or TV show it is from, you are just going to have the benefit of reading a quote or some dialogue and guessing what movie or TV show it is from.

Poster Child – I love movies. But more than that, I love creativity. A good movie poster does a lot for a movie – it can inform of the plot, introduce new characters, or just make people excited for the film. So every Friday, I will write about a poster that either does it’s job well, or is just darn pretty to look at.

Finger Art Friday – Every Friday I will post an iconic image from a movie or TV show. The catch is that this image will be drawn on an iPad, so you’ll have to guess what movie or TV show it is from. This should be pretty fun and might actually prove quite challenging. The following Friday I will let you know what movie or TV show the scene was from.

Non-recurring Features

The following features aren’t weekly features – they just come up when they do.

From the Editor – Sometimes Mark has thoughts about things. And sometimes they are worth sharing. So, when a stroke of genius strikes him, check back to get a little peek behind the curtain and learn a little more about the brain of the man who created ViralNfection.

Top Ten List – Top ten lists are always fun, and the lists here on ViralNfection are no different. There is no topic that is off-limits for a top ten list. And again, if you have any ideas or suggestions for Top Ten List categories, simply send an email to info@viralnfection.com with “Top Ten List idea” as the subject title.

Egg Hunt – One of the all time most popular posts in ViralNfection’s history is the article on easter eggs in “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” Don’t know what an easter egg is? It’s little nuggets of goodness hidden within a movie. They typically have nothing to do with the plot of the movie that they are in; they are usually just fan service, but they are fun to pick out and, apparently, popular to read about.

Those are all the features for now. Don’t forget to send us an email if you have an idea for a new feature! And, as always, thanks for checking out ViralNfection!


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