There are a lot of different lists here on ViralNfection – but they are all created to serve the same purpose: to help you find the movie reviews that you want to read. Check out the different types of lists below.

Alphabetical List – AllThis is a list of all the movie reviews that have been posted on ViralNfection – whether it is written by TheMarknight, Obiwansapprentice, or some helpful movie-reviewing ghost.

TheMarknight’s ListThis list features all the movies that are reviewed by yours truly.

Obiwansapprentice’s List: The same the list immediately above, except it features movies reviewed by Obiwansapprentice only. So not the same as the list above, but you get the idea.

In addition to lists based on who wrote the review, you can also check out lists based on what score the movie received. Not sure about what the scores mean? Check out this explanation here.

Lists by score:

Clean Bill of Health

Dr.’s Note

Let’s Order Some More Tests




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