Looking for a mental break from your work day? Then check out one of the games featured on ViralNfection!

Movie Mashup – This is a fun little game that we are going to start playing. Every Monday, I am going to post a short description of a film that doesn’t exist – it’s a mash up of two movies. However, the movie titles have to share part of their titles in order for this to work. For example, if we were to mashup “Peter Pan” and “Pan’s Labyrinth,” the description might be: A boy who never ages and the kids he has stolen away from their home in England come face to face with horrible monsters and fascists in Spain in the 40’s. The trick of this game, however, is that I won’t tell you what the title is. All I will do is post the description. The following Monday I will post the title – which in this case would be “Peter Pan’s Labyrinth.” Have any suggestions? Email me at with “Movie Mashup Suggestion” as the subject title.

DVD Chapters – I am all about movie trivia games (if you couldn’t tell), so here is another game. In order to make DVDs and Blu-Rays easier to navigate, filmmakers have broken up their movies into chapters, and have given each chapter a name (usually). So, every Tuesday I will post five chapter titles from a movie, and it is your job to guess which movie it is from.

Sound Bytes – Every Wednesday, I will post an audio clip from a film. It could be a line of dialogue, it could be part of a song lyric, or it could be part of an instrumental score. Your job is to guess what movie it is from. I will post the answer the following Wednesday, when the new Sound Byte is posted.

Potent Quoteables – This game is similar to Sound Bytes, however instead of hearing a clip and guessing what movie it is from, you have to read a quote or a conversation and then guess what movie it is from. Bonus points of you can tell me who is saying the quote.

Finger Art Friday – Every Friday I will post an iconic image from a movie. The catch is that this image will be drawn on an iPad, so you’ll have to guess what movie it is from. This should be pretty fun and might actually prove quite challenging. The following Friday I will let you know what movie the scene was from.


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