History of ViralNfection

ViralNfection has been suffering from an identity crisis since its inception. At first, it was a blog where I would track the viral marketing campaign for the much-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. Then, when that blog started to blow up, I expanded ViralNfection into a full on movie blog – complete with movie reviews, games about movies, and other entertainment industry articles.

While that was going on, I continued to post about creative and unique advertising campaigns that captured my attention, for whatever reason.

Shortly after that, ViralNfection ventured into the world of TV show reviews, and I covered a vast variety of shows, from The Office to The Walking Dead. ViralNfection had a different weekly movie game every day of the week, and I (along with two other extremely talented writers) kept cranking out the reviews. Along the way, I kept posting about creative and unique advertising campaigns that captured my attention.

Things were going pretty great. I created my own end-of-the-year awards “show” called the Golden Syringes, and had nominees for both movies and TV shows, site visits were at an all time high, and I was having fun. All along the way, I kept posting about creative and unique advertising campaigns that captured my attention.

Then life kicked in. Deadlines at work became increasingly demanding. I started training for a triathlon. My family exploded, and I got two nephews and a niece in the course of one week. So I stopped updating this blog. I then turned my attention to health and fitness, and created a new blog that was related to those topics, called Diet Shmiet. I had all but pulled the plug on ViralNfection. That’s when something funny happened.

I logged into my account, to officially terminate ViralNfection, but I saw that people were still coming to the site – even though I hadn’t updated it since January. Sure, the numbers weren’t near what they used to be, but people were still checking it out. And what articles were y’all reading? The “Ad of the Week” series, where I highlighted an interesting or creative advertising campaign every week. The one thing that ViralNfection has done from the start is the one thing that y’all were interested in.

So I’ve trimmed the fat. I’ve unpublished all of the movie and TV show reviews, gotten rid of all the games, and found a new purpose and a new life for ViralNfection. This blog is no longer about movies, or reviews, or any of that stuff. It’s also no longer about an “Ad of the Week.” As I am living my life, doing what I normally do, if I come across an ad that is creative, hilarious, brilliant or just so terrible that it has to be shared, I will post it here. It’s that simple.

So if you loved my movie reviews and games, I’d like to first apologize for bringing those articles to an end – but its better this way. It’s not you, it’s me. Still want to get your movie fix? Check out the Large Association of Movie Blogs – they have a directory of HUNDREDS of different movie blogs for you to go through. There is literally a blog for every type of genre and preference out there.

Also, I’d like to thank obiwansapprentice and allMIKE’dup for their help in running this site. These guys are fantastic writers (far better than me) and they really helped make this site what it is today. I’m hopeful that they will continue on in this new endeavor.

Finally, if you liked ViralNfection for the advertising critiques and articles, then please come back! Share with your friends! Join me on this new quest, won’t you? I promise it will be fun.

Thanks for everything. I truly mean it.


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