Don’t Like Our Name?

I’ve gotten a lot of… comments about the name of this website. Everyone that has brought it up has gently recommended that I change the name, because in this age of computer viruses, people are going to be extra-quick to delete an email that has “viral” and “infection” in the subject line. And one person thinks it sounds like porno. So there’s that.

Let me be perfectly clear – I am not changing the name of this website.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely get that it is has a very negative connotation with it, and I think that it is a valid point to consider. However, ViralNfection perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this website. This website is all about creativity – in whatever form it may manifest itself. Sure, a majority of the information found here is on movies, but there are also the daily “Ad of the Day” feature and the occasional review of a viral marketing campaign. And like any good marketing or creative piece, if this website is good, my hope is that it will spread like… well, like a virus.

And that’s the whole point of creativity, isn’t it? Shouldn’t something that is really creative make you stop and think for a second? Only then when you understand what it actually is does it really take effect. That’s the purpose of the name of this website and the content we deliver.

Furthermore, once you know about this website, the name doesn’t really matter, right? Hopefully the content on this site will be compelling enough for people to push past that initial reaction and see what we have to offer.

That’s the hope, anyway.

That being said, I love any and all feedback about this website – even if you think I should change the name. My dream is to really foster a community here, so please don’t hesitate to give me any advice or feedback – good or bad.

I promise to not take it personally.


4 responses to “Don’t Like Our Name?

  1. I like the name as well, at first I was like, erection? but it might be my lack of sleep or something. PS: I like the look of the site very much, I appreciate a good old white and simple blog, so thanks for that! PS vol 2: Header is amazing! I wish I had something that cool going on.. sadly, I don’t.

    Btw, Welcome to Lamb!

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