About AllMIKE’dUp

Michael David – “AllMIKE’dUP”

Greetings all.  If you care to learn about me, keep reading.  For a more interesting use of your time, click here.

I met TheMARKnight at college in Austin, where I studied Film and he studied something far less interesting.   Brought to Austin by a passion for story and the moving picture, I dabbled in editing, lived and died a directing career, spent some time in LA in development, and settled on screenwriting.  Along with a number of produced shorts, I’ve written a couple of features.  But don’t search for me on IMDB quite yet –  just assume that I am famous and that you should trust me on my film expertise.

Currently, I work in print marketing production in Houston and serve as a screenplay competition judge for the Austin Film Festival.  I love short stories, hamburgers, snow, and my wife.

In the film world, I love everything…  as long as it’s good.  Whether your story is about aliens and robots or a pregnant minority from the ghetto, you better have a solid story to tell.  Speaking of which, this story is probably getting old.  Bet you wish you had clicked the link instead now, huh?

Happy reading.


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