Dove teaches women that they are more beautiful than they think

Seeing as this campaign has already had over 10 million views, I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen it. But this ad’s message is just too good to pass up.

Basically, Dove hired a police sketch artist to draw women as they described themselves to him. He never looks at each woman that he is drawing – he is just sketching based off of their descriptions of their own faces.

After the woman leaves, another person comes in, who had just spent time with the woman that the sketch artist just drew. This new person then describes the woman as they remember her to the sketch artist, and he makes a new drawing of her face based on the description. It’s a little complicated to explain, but the video below does a good job of making sure you understand.

The final step of this campaign is when the entire thing comes together. The original women come back into the room, and there are two sketches of themselves hanging up. One of the sketches is based on their description of themselves. The other sketch is based on a third party’s description. The difference between the two is extremely telling – women do not think highly of themselves.


What I really like about this campaign is that the first sketch isn’t horribly ugly, and the second sketch isn’t movie star beautiful. If that were the case, this really wouldn’t be believable. Each sketch looks like a normal person – just the first one looks a lot sadder and uglier than the second one.

The reactions of these women as they realize how they see themselves compared to how other people see them is just priceless. And it is a good message to get out there these days – women need to hear that they are beautiful, because they aren’t getting that from twig-like models in Hollywood. Kudos, Dove. Kudos.


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