Are you a social farter?

“I’m not a farter… I’m a social farter.”

This brilliant PSA, put on by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, is part of a larger campaign aimed at the 2/3 of young people who become daily smokers after just smoking one cigarette. They are not trying to get people who consider themselves smokers to stop smoking – their target audience are the people who are in denial and consider themselves social smokers.

I love this campaign for so many reasons. Yes, I am an immature little boy at heart, so farting always makes me laugh. So there’s that. But even more than that, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been enjoying a great meal on a beautiful patio at a restaurant, and it is ruined by the smell of smoke. I’ve said several times before that when that happens, all I want to do is fart in the smokers face so that they have to put up with an unpleasant smell whilst they dine. It’s the same thing, right?


Ok, I’ll get off my soap box. The main reason why I love this campaign so much is because it is put on by a governmental agency! I work at an advertising and my biggest client is a public entity, and I can’t even imagine how a meeting would go if I pitched them a campaign that had the word “fart” in it. I would probably be fired immediately. The fact that this is seeing the light of day is just unheard of, in my opinion.


The entire campaign doesn’t center around farting – they compare social smoking to social nibbling, and social ear-wax picking. While the other two don’t hold as much weight as the farting one, it is a clever and well-thought out campaign. One that is receiving a lot of attention, because it is just so funny.

This campaign, and this PSA in particular, is perfectly executed, on target, and something that people will pay attention to. I’m not a social smoker, so I can’t tell you if this works or not. But I would imagine that it does.

Not only do they have these PSAs, they also have a Facebook page that links to organizations to help people kick the addiction to smoking. Organizations such as QuitRunChill, a program that combines ways to quit smoking with physical activity and stress management strategies. I think that’s pretty awesome.

Let me know what you think about the PSA in the comments below!


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