Monsters University – Enrolling Next Summer (Ad of the Week 15)

This week, I was going to write about the creative marketing campaign behind Disney’s newest film, Wreck-it Ralph… but Michael beat me to the punch! So you can read his excellent write up of the cool stuff Disney is doing to promote that unique film, and I’ll turn my sights on Disney’s little sister.

Pixar has long been known for making fantastic, quality movies. From Toy Story to Brave, every single one of their films has been a technical marvel, and one that is (typically) far and above the competition. Wether or not they might now be out of their golden age and entering their silver age, they are still a phenomenal studio and I eagerly await each new movie they put out. This includes next year’s release, their first-ever prequel Monster’s University. Set years before the events of their fourth film, Monsters, Incorporated, this prequel tells the story of how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) first met and were rivals at the scare college for Monsters.

It sounds like it could be an instant classic – Pixar has never done a college movie before, and some of their funniest material comes from this universe, but it could also be a flop. Monsters, Inc was not the most successful of their films, being released just after the mammoth Toy Story 2, it sort of slipped into obscurity. I for one am excited for this film, and I am also excited to see that Pixar/Disney isn’t going to let this one fly under the radar either.

In order to promote this new film, they have created a fully functioning website for the titular university. On this website, you can explore the campus, learn about Greek life (my favorite being the sorority Eta Hiss Hiss), figure out what classes you are going to take (Existential Threats seems like a winner, with renowned Fearologian, Dr. Barnabus Malworthy teaching the course), or even catch a movie, like Screaming in the Rain. My favorite part of the website? The school store, where you can actually purchase MU clothes. Unfortunately, the one hoody I wanted isn’t out yet…

It is a really well done website, and one that is filled with humorous secrets to find. I still haven’t been able to explore the whole thing. You should definitely check it out – it definitely made me more excited for this film to come out. Too bad we still have to wait until next summer.


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