Make a Social Call on Hotel T.

Animated movies are consistently some of my favorite of the year.  I’m a sucker for impossibilities and suspending my disbelief works better when animated Woody is being pulled from the clutches of death by his alien buddies than when Batman survives a 60 story fall on to a parked cab while saving Maggie Gyllenhaal in mid-air (don’t you have a grappling hook, Bruce!?).  And while Pixar is generally the caviar of animated films, their market share of my attention has been slipping since they decided to forego producing original material (like that which brought them enormous success), instead opting for industry standard “sure-thing” sequels (although I do admit that Toy Story 3 was near-perfect).

This is why, even though the track record of Sony Pictures Animation (The Smurfs, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) hasn’t ever impressed me, I’m willing to give the upcoming Hotel Transylvania a chance to win my affections.

The film has gone “Open Season” on their marketing campaign, with a slew of outlets vying for your attention and space in this article.  Sometimes this throw-it-all-on-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks type approach seems a little overkill and directionless, but we have to commend Sony for at least trying to make this an immersive experience.  Continue after the jump to get the full scoop on all things social surrounding Hotel T.

Pinterest: Now that the fast-growing social site is no longer invite only, marketers have found a lot of cool ways to use Pinterest. Hotel T’s board allows you to browse the typical categories with a monstrous twist – boards like “Love at First Fright” and “Monster Munchies.”  There isn’t a lot of interaction on the page, but users might find it interesting if you’re just in it for the production stills and original images.

Twitter:  Fueled by the star power of Mavis’ Selina Gomez (if you don’t know her your probably not a teenager) and her association with her beau, Justin Bieber (if you don’t know him you probably have never met a girl), the film’s account gets a lot of mentions and retweets.  Their feed is full of followers’ mentions of the film and links to ways to interact with the characters.  The lack of followers is a little disappointing (6,400+), but this is probably due to the fact that most of the film’s target audience has a different preferred social network…

Facebook:  Scrolling through the timeline will give you a lot of the same materials that the Twitter feed does, but it’s more fun because the content is photo-rich and the links are more visual.  Some of the things you can access:

–          What Type of Monster are You Quiz (I was Frank)

–          Hotel T Sweepstakes competition

–          Promotional Bonus Videos

–          Links to iPhone apps

–          AND…

The Social Game:  You might as well call this one HotelVille for monsters.  Just like popular FarmVille and other similar games, you become the manager, builder, and caretaker for a monster hotel.

The game gives you tasks and checkpoints to complete, moves fast, and (even for a non-social gamer) is strangely addicting.  This all occurs in Facebook, so you can let your Aunt Muriel know how well you are treating your guests at any time.

Apps:  There are few app experiences to tack on to the Hotel T universe as well.  Here are two:

Hotel T Me is a simple photo app that implants your face on either Frank (Frankenstein) or Mavis (Dracula’s daughter).  The character with your face then animates itself and spits out a 5 second animation you can share with your friends.  Cute, but it will take longer to download than you’ll actually spend using it.  (Available on: iPhone)

Hotel Transylvania Dash looks like a full mobile version of the Facebook social game, with slight adjustments.  Another way to interact with the characters film with the most potential for longevity after the film’s release. (Available on: iPhone, iPad)

Bonus! Perhaps my favorite: Call in to the hotline at 1-855-5-HOTELT to make “reservations.”  You can dial through the options and learn more about the film.  It’s fun and novel, just the way viral marketing should be.

Hotel Transylvania opens this Friday.  Does any of this make you want to see it?  Sound off in the comments!


by contributing writer, AllMIKE’dUp.


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