Fastest Gun in the West! (Not me… but maybe you)

On the viral marketing radar, westerns usually don’t even make a blip (unless you count Cowboys & Aliens as a Western and not a Sci-Fi flick, which I don’t).  However, we stumbled upon this social game that is trying to stake its claim on the wild west social landscape.

Lawless is a gritty prohibition era western that follows the Boudrant clan as they fight for dominance and to keep their operation alive.  From the trailer and Shia Labeouf’s gangster muscles, things promise to get pretty nasty on the dusty streets of their small western town, and the producers of the film’s marketing campaign want you to participate in the throw-down.

On a pretty slick website, a lone line of text asks the question, “Think you got the bad in you?”  To this I silently responded while passively sitting at my desk, “They don’t call me Bad-Man Mike for nothin’!” (Disclaimer: no one calls me that…)

The game is actually two games: choose between gun-slinging in the streets or hand-to-hand combat.  Once you play, you can share your score via Facebook or Twitter.  This is a shot of my pistol-tossing play and my subsequent awesome Facebook post of my not-so-awesome score.

Even though I might have to retire my imaginary moniker, I can still feel like a BA when this movie comes out tomorrow night.  The reviews on the film are positive (74% on Rotten Tomatoes) and although some might rebuff Lebeouf for his participation in the Transformers franchise, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman (both of Dark Knight Rises and both certified bad asses) round out the solid cast that you make you think there’s little chance of leaving disappointed and without an artificial shot of testosterone shoved up your… well, you get the point.

Maybe I should try the game again after I watch the movie…


posted by contributing writer, AllMIKE’dUp.


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