Join the Looper Network. Live the High Life.

With the summer blockbuster season coming to a close, there are only a handful of big name titles left on the slate.  One of these big-budget pics just got a lot more real.

This story first caught my eye when I read a tweet from /Film’s Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm).  He sent out a twitpic to the site’s followers of a package he received from the “The Looper Network” containing a personalized hunk of metal and an invitation to “join the elite.”

The Looper Network takes the users in to the world of Rian Johnson’s newest sci-fi thriller, “Looper,” staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.  Joining the network means joining a club of high-dollar assasins, which in the film are assigned missions to eliminate criminals sent to the present from the future.

While small-time fan boys like you and me won’t get a personalized invitation in the mail, we can still join the fun.  Jumping to the site (, I was quickly able to create a profile by linking to my facebook.  After uploading a picture, I was assigned an ID and received an ominous welcome message from Abe (Jeff Daniels) explaining I would be called upon when needed.

You even get to pick your weapon and transport bike of choice, both undoubtedly straight out of the film itself.  The site gave me a mission on the 22nd of August, which gave had me tracking down numbers hidden in a blured image of the newest theatrical poster.  As a reward, I received a behind-the-scenes production still from the set.  My next mission is minutes away.  I’ll keep you posted.

The site just furthers the online buzz about this highly anticipated film.  With Rian Johnson (Brick, Brothers Bloom) at the helm, Bruce Willis chipping in, and Gordon-Levitt riding on the success of monster hits like The Dark Knight Rises and Inception, this one’s got a 99% Want to See rate on Flixster.

Try the site out here and sound off in the comments.


by contributing writer, AllMIKE’dUp.


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