Ad of the Day (7.12.12)

Nissan wanted to show off their brand new 2013 Pathfinder at a Canadian auto show, but they had one big problem – the car wasn’t ready yet. They didn’t want to miss out on this huge opportunity to show off their new model, but they didn’t want to put an unfinished version on the show floor either. So they partnered with advertising agency Critical Mass, to come up with a creative way to show potential customers their new car. What they came up with was something from the future.

Using Microsoft XBOX’s Kinect sensor, they created a 3D rendering of the vehicle. So people would walk to a empty space in front of a giant screen, and the sensor would track how they were standing and where they were looking and would basically make these people feel as if they were inside the car. While it’s not the same as actually sitting inside the car, it certainly generated a lot of buzz for the company.

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