Ad of the Day (7.10.12)

Sometimes you just have to try something crazy, knowing that you will get noticed and hoping that word-of-mouth will do the rest. That was the thinking about the marketing stunt pulled by Clean Bottle when they wanted to market their revolutionary new product.

The product? A water bottle that unscrews from BOTH ends, making cleaning a whole lot easier. It’s one of those no-brainer products (like the ketchup bottle that opens from the bottom) that makes you wonder why it wasn’t designed like that from the start. But I digress.

In order to increase knowledge of this new product, the company decided to crash the Tour de France dressed up as a giant Clean Bottle. They would race along side the cyclists during the mountain stages and… well, that’s about it. Because the media was there covering the race, they got widespread coverage in the news, as well as word-of-mouth from all the participants and all the people watching. A pretty clever way to get other people to foot your media bill.

Over at Creative Guerrilla Marketing, they were fortunate enough to have a quick chat with the founder of Clean Bottle, David Mayer, about this promotional stunt. Here is an excerpt of what the founder had to say about how effective the campaign was:

How did the campaign increase your sales/product awareness?

It was insane. We did over $50K in sales in two weeks just from our online store. Our bottles were also in REI, and during the month of July the term “clean bottle” was the third most searched for term on

Prior to the Tour we received 10-15 online orders a day, which I was very happy with. In ONE day during the tour, we received 570!

What do you think about this marketing stunt? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Ad of the Day (7.10.12)

  1. Great idea for a product and I guess this gets their name out there but it’s kind of disruptive and annoying to the event itself. The results seem to disagree, though so good for them

  2. Yeah, it was definitely a risky move on their part, because they really could have messed things up at such a big event. But apparently they handled it really well.

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