Ad of the Day (7.6.12)

I really like today’s guerrilla marketing campaign, because it isn’t selling a product – it is selling awareness of an epidemic. During World Water Week this year, UNICEF set up a vending machine in Union Square Park in New York, but it was no ordinary vending machine. Instead of selling soda, this vending machine sold different types of water, each with a different disease that is common in the drinking water in underdeveloped countries around the world.

Paying a dollar for a bottle of dirty water would not only get you a contaminated bottle of water, but it would also donate the dollar to UNICEF to help get clean drinking water to the affected countries.

This definitely raised a lot of awareness in a very effective way. It is one thing to see pictures of people drinking disease-ridden water, but it is something else entirely to hold the water in your hands and try to imagine what it would be like to have to drink that water every day.

Check out their video below, and click here to find out more about what UNICEF is doing with their Dirty Water campaign.

What did you think of today’s ad? Sound off in the comments below!

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