Ad of the Day (6.28.12)

In order to promote its new line of gourmet beef, North Carolina grocery store Bloom decided to create a billboard that showed what a cut of their cooked beef would look like. Transforming the billboard pole into a fork, they came up with the following ad:

Sure, that looks delicious, but sometimes you just have to smell steak in order to really crave it. So Bloom took their billboard one step further. They put high-powered fans at the bottom of the ad and partnered with ScentAir Technologies to pump out the scent of black pepper and charcoal to the surrounding area. These fans would be on during early morning traffic and again during the time when everyone is driving home for dinner.

What an extremely creative way to get people to want to buy your product. Yes, that steak looks great. But if you were to smell it, too – you’d want to pull over and buy it for dinner right away.

What do you think of today’s ad? Sound off in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Ad of the Day (6.28.12)

  1. Stop it! If this is real, it is awesome! Appealing to the sense of smell when regarding food is awesome. I ALWAYS want Mexican food when I pass by restaurant during fajita cooking time 😉

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