Ad of the Day (6.27.12)

I think that today’s ad is so simple, yet it is so genius. The ad was done by Publicis advertising agency in New York and it is for Pepto-Bismol. What they did was put these ads on washing machines in laundromats in New York City. Check it out below:

I think this is so brilliant because that is exactly what my stomach feels like when it’s time for some Pepto! What a fantastic visual.

What do you think of today’s ad? Sound off in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Ad of the Day (6.27.12)

    • I was right, my wife did like this one…

      However, the other week you were saying how people thought you should change the site’s name and I had mentioned how I never even gave it a second thought. Well, she said she didn’t even want to click on the link I sent her because of the name of the site. I just thought that was funny.

      • I’m glad she liked it!

        And yes… that is the reaction that I get from most. I still just really like the name so I can’t bring myself to change it. But that’s funny that she didn’t want to click on it.

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