Ad of the Day (6.25.12)

BonoGrao is a brand of gourmet coffee in Brazil. In order to show how strong their coffee is, they partnered with Y&R Brazil to come up with this brilliant magazine ad. Check out a couple of them below:

I think these ads are very creative, because they make the eyelashes out to be people that very much want to be close to each other (opposing luchadores in one and gold-diggers with rich men in the other)- thus closing the eyes. But the coffee is so strong, that no matter what the eyelashes do, they can’t get close together. Paired with the tagline “Keep the Distance,” its extremely effective and very clever.

While this ad might be over some peoples’ heads, there is a sense of gratification when you figure out the message. You feel like you’ve accomplished something. It’s important for a company to make their potential clients feel like they are smart. This ad works very well in that regard.

What did you think of today’s ad? Sound off in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Ad of the Day (6.25.12)

  1. sense of gratification is right…very right.
    which kinda ties into a sense of gratification you may desire with coffee…eh?

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