More developments on “The Dark Knight Rises” viral marketing campaign!

Yesterday, I posted about an article in the Gotham Observer about Harvey Dent Day. Well, it turns out the rest of that newspaper has been released as part of the film’s partnership with Mountain Dew. If you head over to this website, you can get insider access to all sorts of things, including the Batcave and GCPD headquarters.

Here are the other pages of the Gotham Observer:

There are a couple of things to take away from this newspaper. First, did you notice the article about the burglaries? Someone is stealing expensive jewelry from well-to-do Gothamites while they are out on the town. The criminal is reported as wearing all black. Sounds like Catwoman to me!

Also, did you see the ad for Rykin Data on the last page? If you visit the URL that is shown in the ad, you are taken to an actual website, which is currently under construction. However, there is a patent on the home page for a service that collects all of a person’s online data and wipes it clean, giving them a brand new start digitally. Sounds like something Catwoman might be interested in.

I will definitely be posting some more about this as more developments happen. Stay tuned!

What do you think of these developments? Are you going to participate in the Mountain Dew campaign? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 responses to “More developments on “The Dark Knight Rises” viral marketing campaign!

  1. “Prometheus” ‘s viral campaign it is not. LOL.

    I think this flick has been rather poorly marketed throughout… at least I HOPE it has been. Because I’m underwhelmed… and I hope the movie doesn’t do that to me!

    • I think that they are riding the coat-tails of “The Dark Knight,” so they haven’t really been doing much in terms of marketing this movie. Although, I’m not sure that doing a half-assed campaign is the way to go either…

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