“The Dark Knight Rises” viral campaign centered on Harvey Dent Day continues!

Earlier this week I posted a letter from the Mayor of Gotham City which talked about the Dent Act – which would provide for a harsher stance on criminals – and the upcoming city-wide holiday Harvey Dent Day. It seems as though this will in fact be the next (if not last) leg of the viral marketing campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The folks from ComicBookMovie just received an image of the Gotham Observer (Gotham’s premier newspaper), which details what exactly Harvey Dent Day is, and what Gothamites can expect in terms of festivities.

Take a look at the newspaper below. Hopefully, there will be some worldwide event that will coincide with Harvey Dent Day before the films release (in less than a month!)

What do you think of this leg of the viral marketing campaign? Do you think it will turn into something bigger? Sound off in the comments below!

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