What is “The Dent Act?”

At the end of 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” Batman (Christian Bale) is a self-imposed fugitive of the law, framing himself for the murder of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). Because Dent was such a beacon of light for the citizens of Gotham, Batman didn’t want them to know that the Joker (Heath Ledger) was successful in warping the District Attorney, so he took the fall for the crimes committed by Dent.

For a long time, fans of the movie thought that while Dent died at the end, Two-Face survived and would return to terrorize Gotham another day. Then Christopher Nolan came out and said that Dent (and Two-Face) were certainly dead, and would not be returning in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Apparently, he was only half telling the truth. The fine folks over at ComicBookMovie received the following letter from the Mayor of Gotham City (played by “Lost” alum Nestor Carbonell), detailing an initiative he is calling the Dent Act. Check out the letter below.

Could this perhaps be the start of the final leg of the viral marketing campaign? Or is this just a one time deal? Check back often – you know we will report about it if anything comes up.

What do you think of this letter? Is it the start of a viral marketing campaign? Or just a one-off? Sound off in the comments below!

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One response to “What is “The Dent Act?”

  1. “Batman Begins” was the start of the whole movie viral campaign thing and it is still the best. Whoever came up to Nolan and said “You know what I’ve been thinking…” Good job on him!

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