Ad of the Day (6.20.12)

Less than a year ago, I bought a new car (a 2012 Mustang) – and I love it. However, I had never had a brand new car before, and I wasn’t really used to caring about what happened to my car at all times. So when I go to the grocery store now, for example, I have a heightened awareness of who I am parking next to and if they seem like they are going to scratch my car. It’s that kind of mentality that Sprayglo, an auto  refinishing and body repair shop in Florida, is trying to take advantage of in this clever viral marketing campaign.

What they did was very simple: they would go to parking lots and look for cars that had scratches or faded paint jobs, and place a static cling on the vehicle. The cling (which has no adhesive whatsoever, so it does no permanent damage to the car) looks like a scratch, until you get up close.

Upon closer inspection, the owner of the vehicle would realize that it wasn’t in fact a scratch that they were looking at, but an advertisement for Sprayglo!

Sure, the cling doesn’t really look like a scratch from far away even, but if I saw that on my car it would make me want to take a closer look. The great thing about this campaign is that it clearly shows potential customers the value of using their business. And, the ad reaches them in an unexpected place. Maybe people would look at this ad and then look at their car more closely and realize that they do need to get a paint touch up.

If anything else, it will make people feel better about their car when they realize that it isn’t a real scratch.

What did you think of today’s ad? Sound off in the comments below!

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