Ad of the Day (6.18.12)

When it comes to movies, a lot of times positive word of mouth is better than any five-star review. It has always been like that – you are more likely to go see a movie if a friend says it is good than if Siskel and Ebert say it is good. That’s the assumption that Warner Brothers was operating under when it came to their unique way of promoting their newest film.

“Rock of Ages” is a musical/comedy featuring iconic songs from the 80s, such as “I Love Rock and Roll,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” and “Wanted Dead or Alive,” to name a few. Along with that impressive track listing, the movie features a superstar cast, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti and Russell Brand. The adaptation of the hit Broadway musical opens nationwide Friday, June 15.

Warner Brothers has been hosting early screenings for fans of the stage show for the past couple of weeks. However, before the movie started, the fans were given a special treat:

Now, while the singers in this “impromptu” performance aren’t the greatest (in my opinion), this is still a very smart decision on behalf of the studio. The people who are going to these early screenings are already going to like the movie – otherwise they wouldn’t have shown up. The studio would have had to have messed up the movie pretty badly to make this crowd not like the film.

So the crowd is already pumped to see the film – that is why they are at an advanced screening. Then the studio pulls this stunt, and now the crowd has reached a fever pitch and is ready to watch the film. It’s a very smart move – I wish more movies would do things like this.

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