Ad of the Day (6.14.12)

Creativity always comes with high risk. But it also comes with high reward – when it is done effectively. Check out today’s highly creative and very risky ad, after the jump.

Today’s ad comes in the form of a billboard for the magazine The Economist. It’s really very simple – there is a giant red billboard on the side of a building – very reminiscent of the red band that appears behind the title on the magazine cover. In the center of the billboard is a giant 3D model of a light bulb. The only text on the board says “The Economist.”

That by itself is pretty cool, but watch what happens when someone walks underneath the light bulb:

It lights up!

I think that this billboard is brilliant because it clearly conveys who The Economist is for – thinkers. It is an intellectual’s magazine, and this ad perfectly encapsulates that.

This type of ad is risky, however, because it only works if someone is across the street and watching when someone passes the light bulb. That’s okay, though, because when it just so happens that someone is watching as someone passes underneath, the message is clearly displayed and will stay with that person for long after they’ve left that street.

Kudos to BBDO for creating this very clever and very effective billboard.

What did you think of this billboard? Sound off in the comments below!

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