“Total Recall” remake starts its viral campaign

“Total Recall” was an action/sci-fi movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that has, in the three decades since it was created, become something of a cult classic. I’ve honestly never seen the original, but it sits comfortably at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty impressive. Just in case you, like me, have not seen the movie, here is a brief summary, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes:

In Paul Verhoeven’s wild sci-fi action movie “Total Recall,” Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a 21st-century construction worker who discovers that his entire memory of the past derives from a memory chip implanted in his brain. Schwarzenegger learns that he’s actually a secret agent who had become a threat to the government, so those in power planted the chip and invented a domestic lifestyle for him. Once he has realized his true identity, he travels to Mars to piece together the rest of his identity, as well as find the man responsible for his implanted memory. Based on the Philip K. Dick short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale,” “Total Recall” is a thrilling and thought-provoking ride.

As is the trend recently in Hollywood, any movie that did well years ago is being remade, and “Total Recall” is no exception. The remake replaces Schwarzenegger with Colin Ferrell, and apparently it removes all references to Mars. Check out the trailer below:


Late last week, these posters were spotted in a display case at a movie theater in Hollywood. The posters are advertisements for the fictitious company Rekall, which implants memories in your brain of events that never happened. So let’s say you wanted to win an Oscar – you could go to this company, tell them your dream, and they would make you remember it like it really happened.

Image source: movieviral.com

If you go to the website mentioned on the posters, you are taken to the website for the company, where you are prompted to type in your phone number. The website says that you will be contacted once experience packages become available.

Rekall’s website

So, not much is happening yet with this viral campaign, but it looks like it should be taking off really soon. And of course, we will be covering it on ViralNfection, so check back often!

What do you think of the beginnings of this viral marketing campaign? Would you go to a company like Rekall if it existed? Sound off in the comments below!

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