Ad of the Day (6.11.12)

When I look at a Land Rover, I think of a car that I am about to take on a safari. It’s rugged yet sophisticated; strong and powerful. But when I am looking at a Land Rover, I’m thinking of driving it in Houston – not on an actual safari. It’s a little bit different in Dubai.

It’s easy for advertisers to show how the vehicle is rugged and can stand up to whatever the desert can dish out, but Land Rover also wants to show that they care about the driver and the passengers. While the vehicle might be able to survive the desert, the people in the car might not be able to.

In order to help people out, Land Rover partnered with Young and Rubicam and came up with a survival guide in case the worst might happen. This guide teaches you what edible plants you might encounter if you are stranded in the desert, how to send out an SOS, what to use for cooking, among other things.

That in itself is a really cool thing for Land Rover to do. It shows that they really care about their customers, and they also have a little bit of a sense of humor. But they took it one step further.

In the ultimate survival guide fashion, they made the book edible. That’s right – if all else fails and you find yourself stranded in the desert without anything to eat, you can simply eat the book. It has the nutritional value of a cheeseburger – which really isn’t bad considering that it is a book.

Image Source: Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Land Rover loved this book so much that increased their original order by 14 times! In these days, when it is impossible to get clients to even advertise a little, it is telling when they want to order even more.

I think this book is really clever and really just works. Is it going to make me buy a Land Rover? No – but it’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to build brand loyalty in those who already own one. It’s the little things (like this) that make people believe that you really care about them.

What did you think of this ad? Would you eat the book (if it came down to it)? Sound off in the comments below!

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