Ad of the Day (6.7.12)

It is easy to think that your job is the most important thing in the world. But let’s face it, for most of us, we aren’t doing brain surgery or saving lives (unless that is, in fact, what you do). Advertisers are simply trying to get people to buy a product or a service. But sometimes, advertisers do get to make a difference – and it makes it all worth while.

In Germany, 3 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. The numbers of those who carry organ donor cards are dwindling every year, which means that more and more people are having to wait longer and longer for transplants – if they ever get one at all. I have to confess, I don’t know much about the advertising agency that did this bit of viral marketing, but it is for Germany’s Organ Donor Association.

What they did was very simple – they set up a kidney dialysis machine in a crowded train station and had an actual patient sit in a hospital bed during the four-hour treatment. They set up cameras and recorded as passersby came up to him to ask him what he was doing there. He said they weren’t trying to make it a big deal – he just has to do this treatment three times a week and each time it takes four hours. Instead of looking at the inside of a hospital room for four hours, he wanted to people watch. He also wanted to alert people to the massive need for them to sign up to be organ donors.

In the words of the patient himself, all he wants to come from this campaign is that the people who saw and spoke to him will go home and think about what they can do to help. He didn’t get a kidney out of this, but he did put a face with the need – which could have just been the push that some people need to get them to sign up to be an organ donor.

Check out the video below – just be warned, it might make you sad. It certainly made me think about becoming an organ donor.

What did you think about this campaign? What would you have done if you were at that train station in Germany? Sound off in the comments below!

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