Ad of the Day (6.6.12)

Today’s advertising lesson is an important one – don’t ever be afraid to make a little fun of yourself every once in a while. It just might pay off.

That’s exactly what Diesel did in their most recent commercial for their Spring Summer 2012 Sunglasses line. Created by advertising agency Poke in London, the commercial makes fun of all of the previous sunglasses advertising that came before it. I mean, how many different ways are there to show sunglasses? Not a whole lot, really. And we’ve all seen the commercials and magazine ads – overly dramatic, dripping with a sense of importance; featuring sweaty, sexy models. Poke completely turned this notion on its head by basically doing the same thing with one important difference – they replaced the sexy human actors with dogs.

Silly, ridiculous, and self-aware, this commercial just works. It pokes fun at itself and says, “Hey, we know we are just sunglasses. But we also are a lot of fun.” It’s a smart lesson to remember – don’t ever think you are too important to laugh at yourself. It brings you to your consumer’s level, and this is always a good thing.


What did you think of today’s Ad of the Day? Do you think it is an effective ad? Sound off in the comments below!

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