Ad of the Day (6.4.12)

I know I’ve already done an Ad of the Day that featured the work of German advertising agency Jung von Matt, but here is another one. This agency just really knows how to think outside of the box.

Mercedes-Benz wanted a creative way to show off their new F-CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology, because they knew that it was a big deal. This technology allows their vehicles to have a 0.0 emission. Teaming with Jung von Matt, they came up with a central message to highlight this achievement: the new Mercedes-Benz has no effect on the environment.

In order to convey this message, they decided to place hundreds of LED lights on one side of a car, and a few cameras on the other side. The cameras would then project what they were seeing on the LED side of the car, effectively turning the car invisible. They would then park the car in crowded areas in Germany, or just have it drive through the streets, and all you could see is the wheels turning and the shimmer of the outline, much like a spy movie. Check out the video below:

Again, the message was simple, and the way they conveyed it was brilliant and to the point – Mercedes-Benz has no effect on the environment. So much so that it is practically invisible.

Just look at the faces of the people who saw the car driving by them in Germany – they’d never seen anything like this in real life before. I’m sure it was expensive to outfit the car with all that technology, but the result would be worth it. Connecting an innovative event with your brand is always the way to make a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer.

What did you think of this advertising campaign? Do you think it accurately conveys the message that the manufacturer wanted to tell? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Ad of the Day (6.4.12)

  1. This is awesome! As a car enthusiast and an engineer, it is obvious to me how well Jung von Matt listened to MB to effectively convey the attributes of the vehicle and it’s technology.

    • Yes! I completely agree. That’s why I love stuff like this – it’s clear that the agency just really understood what the client wanted, and it’s clear that MB trusted them to do something so outside the box. The result is really awesome work.

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