Ad of the Day (6.1.12)

Coca-Cola is a rarity in the advertising world. They pretty consistently have successful campaigns, however they are constantly changing what their messaging is. Typically, all this changing around isn’t recommended, but it has worked so well for Coke that I can’t really blame them for continuing to do it. And, in all reality, every message that they come out with is centered around one thing – enjoy a Coke. They always want to push that connection between their product and people enjoying it.

Click the “continue reading” button below to read about how Coca-Cola has turned drinking a Coke into a cultural event yet again.

First, they started off with their Happiness Machine campaign. Coke put a special vending machine on a college campus, and set up hidden cameras to record the results. A student would go up to the machine and buy a Coke, and one would come out. Followed by another. Followed by another. Followed by several more.

A different student would walk up and buy a Coke, and a hand would come out of the hole in the bottom with a bouquet of flowers. Another time, an entire pizza came out, with two two-liters of Coke. The time after that, the Coke machine starting making noise and lighting up like a slot machine in Vegas. Take a look at the video below:

This is brilliant because of its simplicity. It brings people together over something as simple as drinking a Coke. If I came across one of these machines, I would become a Coke drinker for life (if I wasn’t already one). All for the cost of a few free Cokes and a large pizza.

Then Coke partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and took it one step further by creating the “Hug Me” machine. It’s a regular vending machine with the words “Hug Me” written in Coke font across the front. You can’t put money in the machine. You literally have to walk up to it and hug it. When you do, you are rewarded with a free Coke. That’s it – no strings attached.

I love stuff like this. In the video above, you see a group of friends hugging the machine together – but in order to do so, they have to hug each other. Again, it takes a simple, every day product and makes it an event. Worst case scenario is that the company is out a few Cokes. Best case scenario is that they were able to make some life-long Coke drinkers. Brilliant.

Keep an eye out for the Happiness Machine and the Hug Me Machine as Coca-Cola is currently rolling them out all over the world.

What did you think of this campaign? Would you be a Coke enthusiast if you came across one of this? Have you actually seen one in person? Sound off in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Ad of the Day (6.1.12)

  1. Makes me happy to be a shareholder. Must admit that I am trying to cut down on delicious coke cola to just once a week as a means to drop a few lbs. Have you tried that Mexican Coke? You can snag a case at Costco for $17. I know they claim that their is no difference in taste betweeen cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup but that has not been my experience.

    • Yeah, I love Coke’s advertising, but unfortunately I refrain from drinking it so that I don’t blow up…

      I’ve heard that Mexican Coke is really good – have you had it? Does it taste different? I imagine it would be like Dublin Dr. Pepper…

      • I’ts much better at least to my taste buds. It’s more pricey but since I am trying to cut down on my consumption anyway it is worth the cost. Also I am trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

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