Ad of the Day (5.31.12)

Motivating people to go to the gym and workout is extremely difficult – believe me, as someone who just recently got into working out, I know how true this is. On both sides of the line. A lot of times, people are just comfortable with not being okay with how they look or feel. And, I’m sure if you ask a regular Joe or Jane, they’ll tell you that they could probably eat better, but they don’t eat that bad. Find out how one German gym creatively reached their potential client base, after the jump.

Fitness First is the biggest chain of gym’s in Berlin. They wanted to get more members, but they didn’t really have the budget to do any ‘normal’ advertising. So, they teamed with German advertising agency Jung von Matt and came up with something that was brilliant.

They partnered with restaurants in the vicinity of their many locations across Berlin and took over their receipt printing machines. After someone had finished eating at their favorite restaurant, when they got their receipt, not only did it tell them how much their total dollar cost was – it also told them how many calories they just ate! Fitness First took it one step further by informing the patron how many hours at the gym it would take to burn off those calories they just consumed.

That alone is brilliant – it hits the potential customer right when they are starting to feel bad about what they ate, and starting to regret it. Then, it basically kicks them while they are down by confirming with cold hard facts just how bad they truly ate. If it just stopped there, however, it wouldn’t be that successful. Consumers need a call to action – something that gets them out of their seat and into your business. But Fitness First didn’t just stop there. At the bottom of each receipt was a voucher for a free personal training session at the gym closest to the restaurant where the customer was eating.

This was such a successful campaign that in the first month alone, 300 people redeemed their voucher. Out of those 300, 30% actually signed up for a membership. Talk about a smash success.

I love advertising like this. It just works so well. And, even if the customer at the restaurant was satisfied with the amount of calories that they ate, it still bodes well for the restaurant. Since I became more aware of what I was putting into my body, I’ve started frequenting restaurants, or appreciating restaurants more, that display their caloric content for everyone to see. So it is a win-win for everyone, but most especially for Fitness First. Click here to checkout a cool video recap of the campaign.

What did you think of this advertising campaign? Would you have redeemed the voucher? Sound off in the comments below!

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