Ad of the day (5.30.12)

Image source: Guerrilla Marketing

When I look at a MINI, I don’t think that the car is super fast, or super comfortable. People don’t get MINI’s for those reasons. People get MINI’s because they are fun to look at. And maybe, if you aren’t a 200 lb 6’1” male, they are comfortable. However, with the brand new John Cooper Works Countryman (JCW), MINI wanted to change the impression that their cars were just something fun to look at. They wanted people to know that they were fun to drive, too. And they are surprisingly powerful. Find out how they accomplished this, after the jump.

MINI hired guerilla marketing agency future:headz to help show how the JCW was not just another case of design over function. How can you show people this? future:headz decided that they’d have to experience it for themselves. They put these special benches with comfortable, cushioned seats, at bus stops and other places where people might sit down next to a street. Once someone sat down on this bench, a JCW would drive up and park next to the bench. The car would then rev their engine, and the bench would vibrate in tune with the sound of the powerful engine.

This was brilliant for several reasons – mainly, it reached people unexpectedly. It turned the advertising into an event that they could participate in. And, it clearly delivered the message. Not only were these benches cooler to look at than most bus benches, they also were quite powerful. Just like the JCW – the little car that could.

What did you think of this campaign? Does it make you want a MINI? Sound off in the comments below!

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