Ad of the day (5.29.12)

No matter where you live, the summer time is hot. That is a given. This brilliant viral marketing from Sprite capitalizes on that fact at a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They built a giant-sized soda fountain that people could step under and rinse off in. Don’t worry – its water that comes out of the pipe at the top. But the message is clear none-the-less: Sprite is an extremely refreshing drink. Clever, and very, very cool. Pun intended.


One response to “Ad of the day (5.29.12)

  1. The fact that they come out of “taps” is great! I really like how MASSIVE it is.
    Fun, refreshing, and no question I want a sprite now!

    …also, brazilians in bikinis…always a plus for adds.

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