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This website is called ViralNfection for a reason. Sure, I love movies and tv shows – so it would make sense that movie news and reviews would be a large part of this website. But I also love advertising, especially when it is done well. That’s why I am starting a new daily feature called “Ad of the day.” It’ll be short and sweet, and hopefully it will inspire you to think outside of the box. So, with no further ado, check out the first ad of the day, after the jump.

Source: Web Urbanist

Martor Solingen is a razor company in Germany. In order to show just how sharp their razors were, they came up with this very creative billboard. The billboard is basically a giant “razor,” but all over the ground around the razor they put rubber pigeons that had been sliced in half. Pretty clever. They were able to communicate the most important feature of their product without much text. My only question is – how did they keep people from stealing the pigeons?


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