The countdown has begun!

If you head on over to this website, you’ll see who “The Dark Knight Rises” marketing partner is. Apparently, Mountain Dew (or is it Mtn Dew?) is teaming up with TDKR to reveal exclusive content from the highly anticipated summer blockbuster. Co.Create has a pretty nice summary of what you can expect from this campaign, which you can check out after the jump!

The creative output of that collaboration will be seen beginning on June 18 when, to whip expectant fans into a proper frenzy, Mountain Dew will unveil exclusive content and storylines with the launch of, an online destination created by Motive and Davie Brown Entertainment designed to provide unprecedented access to the world of The Dark Knight Rises. From videos, sneak peeks, and in-depth information–such as the Applied Sciences environment that will give users a history of batgear such as Batman’s suit and his badass car, the Tumbler, or back stories on characters and Gotham City itself–new content will be released regularly leading up to the film’s July 20 opening. As the pièce de résistance, the site will also include an opportunity for fans to enter product codes to win exclusive prizes, such as one of only five scripts signed by Christopher Nolan.

This sounds like it could be pretty cool, but only if it is in addition to the practically non-exsistant viral marketing campaign that has been going on since last May. Stay tuned as ViralNfection will be following this closely.

A mock-up of what the site will look like once it is launched.


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