“The Dark Knight Rises” Viral Marketing Continues! Updated x4


The good people over at Screen Rant have compiled together the frames that have been uncovered so far. Check them out below:


You can scroll throughout the frames and see a bunch of different frames from the trailer.


US and Canada has been added to the list of locations and, of course, Houston is not part of the list. Oh well.

Also, if you click on the film canister, you’ll see different frames from the new trailer. Here’s one of Ms. Selina Kyle:

Once again, they’ve done a good job of incorporating the audience into the movie – shown here by indicating whose tweet uncovered that particular frame. Stay tuned as more frames become revealed.

Original Post:

Unless you live under a rock, you know that “The Avengers” finally hits theaters this Friday. Attached to that film is going to be the third theatrical trailer for this July’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” Well, the viral marketing for that film, which has been far too dormant in my opinion, has kicked off this morning – meaning that we might get to see that trailer before this Friday!

If you head over to the film’s official website, where there used to be posters and trailers, there is now this “Anonymous Vigilante Investigation” file case that you can click through.

The first page in this file case is a warrant for John Doe aka “Batman.” If you look, it is signed by Commissioner James Gordon himself – apparently he has kept up his end of the deal that he and Batman made at the end of “The Dark Knight.” In case you don’t remember, Batman said he would take the blame for the crimes that Harvey Dent committed, so as not to tarnish the good that Dent had done. Taking a closer look at the crimes, Batman sure has the deck stacked against him: 3 counts of kidnapping, 6 counts of murder, and several counts of using deadly weapons. Yikes.

The next document is a wanted poster, that further goes into detail about what the GCPD knows about Batman. I never really realized this, but Batman is even being blamed for kidnapping Gordon’s son (which Dent did), and the death of Dent himself.

With each new document, more and more of the plot of “The Dark Knight Rises” is being revealed. In this next document, which is a letter from the deputy commissioner to the head of each beat in Gotham City, we learn that there is a Harvey Dent Day that is rapidly approaching, and they don’t want Batman to return before that day. They want to catch him, by order of the Mayor, before that day even comes. In fact, it seems as though Batman has disappeared, and the people of Gotham that support his cause are leaving graffiti in places all over town to show their support for his crusade. Interesting.

This is also where the viral campaign really takes off. Apparently, there are going to be locations sent out and we are supposed to go and take pictures of these locations and send them to #tdkr07202012…

The next document is a list of addresses all over the world. It is difficult to read, but down at the bottom it says that addresses in the US and Canada will be added today at 11 am EST…

The next page shows a picture of film canisters that are in an evidence bag – from the locations that have already been released.

If you click on one of the film canisters, it takes you to this website, which shows what frames of the trailer have been collected. Stay tuned to ViralNfection as more develops!!!


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