Operation Early Bird UPDATEDx11

Something is happening over at www.thedarkknightrises.com. A lady saying numbers. It’s pretty creepy. Check it out!

UPDATE #1: 337805-1164667




UPDATE #2: I can’t load the page!

UPDATE #3: Are these coordinates?

UPDATE #4: They ARE coordinates!

You put in the coordinates and places all over the world light up. If you click on one of the dots, a time and date comes up. Here is Houston’s:

So  I guess something is going to happen next Tuesday at 10:00 PM… stay tuned.

UPDATE #5: People are thinking that these are locations of screenings for the prologue. But how will you get in? Surely there is more to this… although the name Operation Early Bird does lend it self to seeing the prologue EARLY…

UPDATE #6: I am an idiot. If you click on the green dot, you are taken to a site to buy tickets. And now Houston is sold out. AND I WAS RIGHT THERE! Damn.

UPDATE #7: Houston is back!

UPDATE #8: Let me buy the tickets!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE #9: Site down again. I called Edwards and spoke to the manager – he wouldn’t let me buy a ticket. He said I needed to contact gofobo… their site is super slow too. Wonder why…

UPDATE #10: AHHH I’m so close but gofobo is so slow!



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