Finally… viral marketing for “The Dark Knight Rises” begins!

The whole reason that ViralNfection was created was to track the viral marketing campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises.” The peak months for said campaign came and went… and all we got out of it was the first picture of Tom Hardy as Bane. All that changed yesterday.

A fake CIA memo was sent to the inbox of Wired yesterday stating that the agency is searching for a missing Russian nuclear officer that specializes in fuel-cycle technology and reactor design. Take a look below:

A Google search for Dr. Leonid Pavel brings up another classified CIA document, this time posted on Empire’s website:

If it is difficult for you to read, it is all about the search for Dr. Pavel. This is all fine and dandy, but how do we know for sure that this is for “The Dark Knight Rises?” First of all, both Empire and Wired state that the people that sent them these documents made it very clear that something is about to happen, but they are not allowed to spill the beans. Both websites have also said that their sources are extremely credible. Furthermore, a few months ago, an actor by the name of Alon Aboutboul was cast in “The Dark Knight Rises” as a Russian scientist.

Look familiar? Take a closer look at the first CIA document:

I think that’s Mr. Aboutboul! And the third and final piece of evidence that I have comes from my trip to Pittsburgh this summer. When Bane terrorized the football stadium, he had with him a giant Bond Villain-esqe device. He even called it “the instrument of [Gotham’s] liberation.”

Could this be why Dr. Pavel is missing? To help him use it? Also, Bane has an Eastern European accent, and Dr. Pavel is from Russia… that might be a bit of a stretch, but I still find it interesting. I think big things are going to happen soon, so stay tuned to ViralNfection, because you know I’m going to be following this campaign closely!


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