Drop Date: Week of 10.25.11

There are a lot of things dropping this week across all different mediums, so let’s get started.

Mylo Xyloto – Coldplay: I used to not be a Coldplay fan. Sure, they make decent music, but they just weren’t my cup of tea. Then they released the phenomenal Viva La Vida album, and I was hooked. That CD is one of the very few that I can listen to from start to finish, over and over again. I thought it was drastically different from their previous sound, but a nice evolution of it at the same time. When I heard they were coming out with a new CD, I was worried that they would go back to their roots and I wouldn’t like them that much again. The first single from their new album, Every Tear is a Waterfall, proved me wrong yet again. Mylo Xyloto is in every way a true sequel to Viva La Vida, and I am so glad that it is. It is truly Coldplay at its finest, and I can’t wait for more. Drop Date: 10.25.11

Captain America: The First Avenger: This past summer, Marvel released two more movies in their Avengers franchise. Both of them were a marked departure from what they have done in the past. While “Thor” showed the mythological side of their universe, “Captain America” showed the early days of the Avengers universe. This was the first superhero film that I am aware of that is also a true period piece, and it is all the better for that. While it wasn’t my favorite of the Avengers films (in order from favorite to least: “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Captain America,” and “Iron Man 2”), it still was really good and got me even more excited about next year’s superhero team up film. I only saw it once in movie theaters, however, so I am willing to give it another shot. Drop Date: 10.25.11

Puss in Boots: People love the “Shrek” films. Me? Not so much. Sure, the first one was original in its own way, but the next three were basically a re-hash of the first one. I also hate it when animated films have sexual and inappropriate jokes ‘for the adults.’ I think it is cheap and easy to be dirty – it is much more difficult to be clean. Ok, I’m off my soap box now. My favorite part of the “Shrek” films is Puss-in-Boots. I think he is a hilarious character and have always thought that he should get his own movie. Once the fourth “Shrek” film came out and didn’t do great in theaters, I thought this spin-off film was dead. Thank goodness, it’s not. “Puss In Boots” takes place before Puss met Shrek and Donkey, and tells the tale of how he teams up with Humpty Dumpty to steal the Goose that lays the golden egg. It’s gotten pretty good reviews so far – I’ll check it out soon. Drop Date: 10.28.11

I’m sure there are other things coming out this week, but these are the things that are on my radar. See y’all next week.


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