The Fire Rises YouTube Channel Deleted!

Well, I guess we now know the answer to whether or not the YouTube Channel, The Fire Rises, is a legitimate part of the campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises.” Earlier today I went to check out the channel as I was making my news rounds, and when I clicked on it, it said “this channel no longer available because the user closed their account.” If this was an actual part of the viral marketing campaign, one would think that they wouldn’t just up and delete the account, right? So I am going to go ahead and file this under cool and creative, but not legit.

However, something that I just noticed today for the first time – it said there were a total of five videos posted by that user. I was under the impression that they had only posted three videos. Has anyone seen those other two videos? Were they posted today and then taken down by the user? The world may never know…
In other news… there is no other news. Remember that I said that back in 2007, during the weeks between the start of the campaign and the start of ComicCon at the end of July, there was a draught of activity. We are once again experiencing that draught. Of course, I will post if anything happens, but just because there is a lull between posts doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten. Keep checking the site out and tell your friends about it!

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