Bane Image Viral Marketing Done In House

According to Movie Viral, the cool viral marketing that resulted in the first official picture of Tom Hardy as Bane a few weeks ago was conceived and executed in house. That means that Warner Brother’s was responsible for that bit of marketing. This bodes VERY well for “The Dark Knight Rises.” Why? Because if they started the marketing in house, that means that they have not yet contracted an agency to work on their campaign. Which means that 42 Entertainment could very well still be in the running. Furthermore, people thought that 42 Entertainment was behind that marketing – but the studio actually was. That means that the studio understands their brand, and they know what to do with it. This is extremely exciting, because the studio RARELY gets the brand (“Spiderman 3,” anyone?).

My hunch is that Warner Bros. didn’t want a poor quality leaked image of Bane to hit the Internet before they had released an official one. So they jumped the gun and released it right away, before even giving the account to someone else. My hope is that they were very impressed with the work that 42 Entertainment did back in 2007/2008, and that they award them the account once again. But 42 Entertainment is extremely secretive. On the “work” section of their website, they haven’t even listed the work they did on “The Dark Knight” or “Tron: Legacy.” So, will we ever know if they are behind the campaign for the next Batman film? If there work is anywhere as intricate as the work for “The Dark Knight,” I think we will definitely know.

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