42 Entertainment UPDATE

Apparently, an employee of 42 Entertainment reached out to Movie Viral and told them that while they are currently not working on the campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises,” Warner Brother’s could still choose to contact them later on to do some work for the movie. Furthermore, all of the major players from the campaign for “The Dark Knight” still work at 42 Entertainment, despite what I posted about earlier.

What can we take away from this? Because 42 Entertainment is officially not working on the campaign for TDKR, the “Test Subjects Needed” campaign, while incredibly cool, is not part of the viral marketing for this movie. I still hold out hope that it is and will continue to do so until I receive the package from the TSN website and I can confirm or deny that myself. Hopefully the package will come today or tomorrow.
Another thing that we can gather from this is that 42 Entertainment is closely watching the marketing for TDKR, as they quickly contacted Movie Viral in a matter of hours to correct some of the things that they reported. To me, this means that they are still very interested in the Batman brand – which can only be good news for us!
Lastly, that means that the cool viral marketing that resulted in the first image of Bane a few weeks ago was done by another agency entirely. Who was that agency? Will they be doing all of the advertising for this film? When will they do more?!? Stay tuned…

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