People All Over The World

Tweeting the hashtag “#thefirerises” or following the same Twitter account would get your profile picture added to the mosaic at . Throughout the day on May 20th, as people updated their Twitter or Facebook accounts, a picture was slowly forming. This screenshot was taken pretty late during the day, so you can already see the picture that was forming. But for a long time, we had no idea what image was being made.

Running your mouse pointer over the mosaic would magnify it, so that you could find your profile picture. I tried very hard to find my profile pic, but there were just too many. Don’t worry though, I’m there somewhere! Clicking on a profile picture would show you exactly what that person Tweeted in regards to this marketing campaign. People from all over the world were participating, as you can see in the image below. The language that the person highlighted is writing in is Portuguese. I know it is kind of hard to see, but he is saying “The viral campaign for the new Batman movie has started! Look here for the picture of Bane!”

Finally, the picture was completely put together, and we were treated to the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane!


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